The controversy surrounding birth control

The world is a dynamic place to live in and with that also comes the different options that are available for childbearing. One of the most controversial topics to date remains the topic of conception, with different views ranging from political, to religious, conservative to liberal as well as scientific explanations being given as to why women should choose a particular method of conception over the other.

Conception remains as thorny in many societies as it is controversial and one of the biggest burdens some women have to bear is the burden of facing pressure due to lack of conception. The pressure may come from their spouses, family members or even the women themselves who may end up getting worried too much to the point of suffering from stress-related illnesses. There are a number of ways that have been explored as the most effective in ensuring that women conceive successfully.

However, to date, the most comfortable way is the natural method of conception, which also remains the most acceptable even amongst the most conservative groups in the society. However, the most challenging fact about the natural means of conceiving children is the family planning aspect. It is undoubtedly pretty hard to effectively plan your family when in fact you are one of the people who are against the conventional methods of family planning such as using pills, IUCDs (Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices) such as coil and other methods like condom use. While these are the most popular methods of contraception and by extension family planning, they are admittedly not agreeable to all and some of them have been known to have unsuitable side effects.

Finally, a product that does the magic!

What if you could get a product that ensures that you keep track of your fertility cycle by tracking your ovulation system? Having understood the plight of women who want to have control over the time in which they conceive and the time not to; and without subjecting their bodies to methods that they see as "artificial" and "harmful", we came up with a product that does just that. Our fertility monitor has helped hundreds of women in the United Kingdom and beyond to plan their families in a natural way with utmost accuracy and precision.

Our fertility monitors have been designed by a team of competent software engineers, embryologists and gynecologists who have designed it in a manner that monitors the ovulation cycle in women. The fertility monitors basically enables women to identify the days when they are fertile using the principle that there are usually six days within which women can get pregnant in any given monthly cycle and that since a sperm can stay active in a woman's body for up to five days and ovulation lasts for up to 48 hours; it is possible to track with absolute precision when exactly a woman is likely to conceive.

The fertility monitor is a small gadget that monitors the variations in body temperature and hormonal changes that come about during the days leading to ovulation and afterwards to make accurate determination of the "safe days" and the fertile days. If you are not comfortable with intrusive methods of family planning such as pills and coils, this is the gadget for you.

Buy one today and embark on a journey of healthy and stress-free living for the future.  



They now know the secret

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